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Whether for a single family home, full subdivisions, or commercial developments - Land Development has been a mainstay of the Gary Davis Group for over 20 years. We understand the critical aspects of schedule, agency processing, efficient design, and communication related to all private development. Using this foundation, our project management - from initial concept through approvals, design and construction - has been the basis for a long list of repeat clients and successful projects.

Every project, from the seemingly small utilitarian, to projects which impact society for generations to come, must work within its defined scope, schedule, and budget to be a success in meeting its purpose. In the Lake Tahoe-Truckee Region, these same projects must also preserve the health, beauty and future of a treasure of nature. Gary Davis Group has provided Civil Engineering services for all types of commercial projects ranging from large grocery stores, airport facilities, ski resorts and hotels.

The overall success of projects is absolutely dependent on development plans being well thought out from the beginning, and then properly managed through the agency review and approval process. The Gary Davis Group has over twenty years experience in leading and/or assisting in the development of conceptual plans, preparing initial project applications and documents necessary for environmental review and approval by local, state and federal agencies of jurisdiction, for all types of development projects.

Best Management Practices (BMP's) are now a part of every project regardless of location. Water Quality and Clarity impacts on Lake Tahoe have become a focal point and the basis for some of the tightest regulations in the country. GDG has been successfully working in this highly regulated environment for 20 years, and is able to apply our experience on all projects, whether in the basin or elsewhere. We have certified QSD's and QSP's on staff to develop SWPPP's during the design phase or implement them during construction.